Spiritual Purpose in life

There is one society that is dying with the hunger of food, and others are dead being alive because they lack spirit. One should understand that spiritual growth is as much necessary as the growth of body. Life has a purpose and it is to build a strong connection with Allah. Our spirits are solely for Allah and the one who has come to the world by his grace has to return to him one day. It sums up the whole journey of a person.

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Making your life meaningful and purposeful should be the goal of everyone; you have the ability to change the world, to make sure that your abilities are utilized in a best manner.  Life is not like an exercise which you follow like a routine but a journey which takes a lot to be on the righteous path.

Feed your spirits with the dhikr of Allah. Remembrance of Allah in one’s heart makes it kind and generous. So, be on the path which is instructed by Allah and his Prophet (PBUH). Understand the spiritual and divine meaning of your life and make it more purposeful.

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