Perform Hajj with the Most Affordable Guided Tour

On daily basis we hear about life loses because of terrorism and it is always stated that Muslims are behind it. Constantly the whole world is bashing on Muslims for being the reason of bombing, shootings and everything. Ummah is quietly facing because they lack knowledge about ethical philosophy of Islam. Muslims are becoming victim of it because they lack the power of represent Islam in its original form. Someone who is apparently a Muslim is constantly attacking on Islamic ethical values and there is no one to stand out for the truth.

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It is all because our Muslim teachings and learning values are weak, our learning system represent issues in a very irrational way. Due to the lack of information regarding values of life mentioned in Islam, we fall easily in the trap of falsehood. Behind all the killing of innocent human beings is completely against the ethical values of Islam. In war it was highly commanded to the people to not hurt any women, children or disable person. Keep your war for the sake of Allah and never fight because of your grudges. So the system which advice you to protect anyone one who is weak, how is it possible that it will promote any kind of violence or killing against the innocents. So, groom your personalities to make sure that people will not conclude their kind of version of Islam; just let them face the truth.

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