Tai Lopez Net Worth and is Tai Lopez is a Scam

tai-lopez-net-worth-scam (1).jpg

People are seeing a guy named Tai Lopez to run numerous ads on social networking and selling courses that essentially promise to make you wealthy and successful. They’re wondering if he’s a scam. I’ve paid for his program and wished to present my brutally honest review.

As a fast recap, let’s cover who Tai Lopez it. Tai came onto the internet scene in 2015 and immediately rose to become one of the top personal development gurus on the internet.

How do I know? I’ve watched his entire journey from the start. I have consumed a ton of articles (paid and free) from Tai. But he has been notorious for not revealing the specific details how he made his money and how much he has. One was Joel Salatin, a prosperous, wealthy farmer, famous for his involvement in the documentary, Food Inc., along with the book, Folks, This Ain’t Normal. Tai chose to work as an apprentice farmhand for Joel to get a couple of years.

This was a critical time for him personally because it taught him about happiness and simple living. He often claims the Amish have much lower suicide rates despite living such simple lives.

When he was a young adult, he found himself sleeping on a coach. He moved through the Yellow Pages (a full book directory that gives you all the phone numbers of everyone in a place) and saw a massive insurance ad. He guessed someone who can afford to run such an enormous ad must be wealthy, so he went in-person to the company’s founder and asked to work at no cost. This guy responded, “I’ve been waiting 40 years to get a guy just like you.” Tai went on to post record-breaking sales numbers for the business by being one of the first to leverage Google AdWords. Back then, it was very cheap to get in front of thousands of people online.


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