The Significance of Duct Cleaning for Restaurants


For a restaurant, duct cleaning simply means ensuring that the whole kitchen extraction systems and exhaust outlets are clean, clean, and clean out of obstruction. The simple fact that these systems are mainly from their public eye, rather than restaurant staff see the inside of the Local duct cleaning company work, means that duct cleaning is often a job that gets ignored, and also front-of-house maintenance tasks are given priority.

But, ignoring Local duct cleaning company is not just potentially dangerous, but may also be bad for business.


The Health and Safety Executive’s COSHH essentials for service and retail record SR27 (controlling cooking fumes) states that businesses should find a ventilation engineer to “analyses the system completely and test its performance at least one time every 14 months”.


Regular ductwork cleaning means exhausts and fumes are removed from the environment where restaurant staff is functioning.


Restaurant extraction systems also eliminate cooking smells in the kitchen and also ensure that these smalls do not spread to the different parts of the restaurant.


Not only can disregarding duct cleaning prove bad for your health of those working from the restaurant along with customers, but it may also be a fire hazard.

An accumulation of dust or grease in an extraction system could be ignited by a spark, or especially hot gases passing through the retina, as well as the fire may spread rapidly via the extraction system. Regular duct cleaning will ensure that these grease or grime deposits not to build up.

What’s more, there is a threat your businesses insurance coverage may be invalidated if a fire was started by either blocked or obstructed ducts which have not been cleaned.


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