Purpose of Existence


Human beings are misusing a purpose of their existence from many years due to lack in knowledge regarding the topic. The life on earth is a proof of it that there is some super power that has created life. Now the question that why do I exist is raised in the mind of many. Human beings have a remarkable record in deducing results of many aspects of life but still there is more to go. God has purposely kept limitations to human mind because humans who can destroy world with a little amount of knowledge, imagine what they would do if they get answers of every question.  Live dreams of your life and choose Low Cost Umrah Packages with Al Hijaz Tours.

Human being who is still unable to understand that how their mind and body functions at different situations then it’s not easy for him to understand the reality behind creation of life. In order to reach this level we have to first understand that what life really is? A nation who merely understands difference between reaction and response, how will they get answers to their questions? Being a believer we know that there is definitely a purpose behind all this creation. Every single thing makes a lot of difference in this world. The tiny creatures which are very creepy to bear them around even exist purposely. Clearing the clouds of our own imaginative thoughts and meeting the reality by finding answers in divine book of Quran can help us in the matter. Life is like a test of our patience, tolerance, belief and kindness. We matter because we exist; I believe that there is no such thing as a coincidence because everything that happens in our surroundings explains its purpose. You will never get answers of these questions suddenly but gradually life will teach you every perspective of its life. Imagine you have met someone on your way to somewhere, you start talking and suddenly there is something comes up which instigate your whole meaning of life you are heading towards. Now these little coincidences can take you to the purpose and reality of life. Just be kind and generous to everyone because life always throws back what you throw at it.

Al Hijaz Tours is all set to provide you quality within your budget and purpose of organizing these Low Cost Umrah Packages is only so you can live your dream journey without any trouble.

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